It is an opportunity to become the better version of yourself, a deserving heir to the great deeds of pathfinders, founders and trailblazers, who are distinguished by the desire to win in all their endeavours and reluctance to rest on their laurels. Being a member of the Movement is the choice of those strong and ready to write their names in the history of Russia.
The Movement of the First means hundreds of unique programmes of education and personal development, active and responsible youth community, to whom respect for traditions and cultures of the peoples of Russia, historical continuity and involvement with the fate of the country, in which the main value was, is and will be the family, are important.
Goals of the Movement
The main goals of the Movement of the First are:
Facilitating the implementation of state policy in favour of children and youth
Promoting the education of children, their vocational guidance and organising leisure activities for children and youth
Creating equal opportunities for the comprehensive development and self-fulfilment of children and youth
Preparing children and youth for a full-fledged life in society, including shaping their world views on the basis of traditional Russian spiritual and moral values, the traditions of the peoples of the Russian Federation and the achievements of Russian and world culture, as well as developing in them socially significant and creative activity, high moral qualities, love and respect for the Homeland, diligence, legal culture, respect for the environment, and personal responsibility for one’s own fate and the fate of the Homeland to the present and future generations.
Mission of the Movement
Movement’s Values
Life and Dignity
Members of the Movement value the life of every human being first and foremost. They cherish their own dignity and care about protecting the dignity of others.
The Movement is a source of Friendship for each of its members. By joining the Movement, everyone can find friends close in beliefs, hobbies, interests and age. Within the Movement, friends are always there to support.
Members of the Movement love their Homeland - Russia. Love for the country is manifested in deeds and actions.
Kindness and Justice
Members of the Movement act justly, advance goodness, and consider kindness to be a trait of strong people. Everyone's inner voice tells us that only good deeds change life for the better.
Members of the Movement know how to dream and make their dreams come true. Bold dreams bring new opportunities and unexplored horizons to mankind.
Creative Work
Each member of the Movement makes a difference through their labour: they create a new quality of their knowledge, skills and abilities, and apply them for the benefit of their family, the Movement and the whole country.
Mutual Support and Respect
Members of the Movement act as a team, helping each other in their studies, labour, searching for and discovering everyone's talent. They overcome difficulties hand in hand.
Unity of the Peoples of Russia
Members of the Movement, being new generations of the multinational and multi-confessional people of Russia, respect each other's culture, traditions, customs and beliefs. This is a unique heritage of our country: unity in diversity within the Homeland.
Historical Memory
Members of the Movement study, know and protect the history of Russia, oppose any attempts to distort and denigrate it. They preserve the memory of the defenders of the Homeland.
Service to the Homeland
Members of the Movement are united with the Homeland by common destiny. Everyone in their place prepares itself for service to the Homeland and responsibility for its future.
Strong Family
Members of the Movement share traditional family values. They are proud of the Russian culture of fatherhood and motherhood. They honour large families. They help younger children, take care of grandparents in the family.
The Movement of the First works in following areas:
109028, Moscow, st. Zemlyanoy Val, 1 50A, building 2 (metro station "Kurskaya")
Organization working hours:
Mon–Fri | 9.00–18.00